In an age where visual storytelling reigns supreme, our team of dedicated 3d artists and animators is here to bring your wildest imaginations to life with our CGI services. 

From crafting lifelike 3D models and environments that you can realistically add into live-action footage as stunning CGI elements, our 3D & CGI services encompass a wide spectrum of possibilities. Be it sweeping landscapes, mythical creatures, futuristic cities, or mind-bending special effects, our team has the expertise to turn these visions into breathtaking realities, blurring the lines between imagination and cinema.

At Motion Effects, we don’t just create 3D & CGI. We are your partners in transporting your audience to new dimensions of wonder.

3D & CGI

Excellent Team

Our 3D & CGI services are powered by an exceptional team of artists and experts who excel in every facet of the craft. From 3D modeling to texturing, lighting, environment creation, and animation, our team is a well-rounded powerhouse of creativity and technical prowess. They breathe life into 3D models, ensuring every detail is meticulously crafted to perfection. With a keen eye for realism and aesthetics, our team turns concepts into stunning visual realities.

Compositing Expertise

In the world of 3D & CGI, the magic often happens during compositing. We take pride in our compositing expertise, where we harness the power of render passes to create a realistic and immersive final output. Having full control over all render passes allows us to fine-tune every element, achieving a level of detail that’s simply mesmerizing. Our compositing techniques blend seamlessly, bringing together 3D elements and live-action footage into a harmonious, cinematic whole.

Motion Graphics and Animation

Our commitment to delivering results beyond expectations drives every project we undertake. We don’t settle for the ordinary. We aim for the extraordinary, harnessing the power of Blender, a leading software in the industry, for unmatched results. Our animators can bring your scope to life and produce results that are realistic and amazing. We take on stand alone 3D projects as well as CGI + VFX projects as well. So we have the experience and expertise in how you’d want the renders to be!

Why Choose Our 3D & CGI Services?

At Motion Effects, our 3D & CGI services are your gateway to unlocking limitless visual possibilities. When you choose our team for your 3D & CGI needs, you’re opting for excellence that surpasses the ordinary. 

Here are more reasons to work with us.

Creative mastery: Our 3d modeling team combines technical prowess with artistic flair, ensuring your vision comes to life vividly, down to the finest detail.

Realistic environments: Our 3D creations transport your audience to immersive worlds filled with lifelike textures, lighting, and atmosphere.

Creative mastery: Our 3d modeling team combines technical prowess with artistic flair, ensuring your vision comes to life vividly, down to the finest detail.

Animation: Our team of animators can produce engaging motion graphics that looks apealing and lively.

High-quality results: We don’t just meet your vision; we elevate it, delivering results that awe and inspire, ensuring your project shines.

Fast turnarounds: We optimize workflows for efficient project delivery, maintaining timelines and ensuring your project stays on track. 

Client-centric approach: Your needs and preferences are at the forefront of our creative process, ensuring satisfaction and a collaborative partnership.