Want to replace a green screen setting with a sprawling cityscape or a mystic forest? That’s where the green screen steps in, setting the stage for imaginative backdrops and incredible special effects.

The green screen technique, also known as chroma keying, is a filmmaking method where subjects are filmed against a solid green backdrop or a blue backdrop. In post-production, we remove the green screen background digitally and replace it with a different background or visual effect. This helps us achieve versatile and imaginative visual storytelling in films and videos.

At Motion Effects, our green screen services are all about carving out a realm of endless possibilities. Using the chroma keying technique, our seasoned green screen and vfx artists masterfully separate subjects from their backgrounds, opening a world of possibilities with breathtaking backdrops and jaw-dropping effects. Whether it’s whisking an actor to a faraway land or integrating mythical creatures into real-world settings, our green screen expertise ensures that the boundaries of imagination are the only limits.

Whether you’re looking for a green screen remover or want to delve deep into the realm of transformative visuals, Motion Effects ensures that your content stands out, making the impossible come to life.

green screen

Hair Details

Our vfx artists are committed to get you the most accurate results. It involves working pain stakingly on getting every strand of hair keyed so we get a hundered percent result. It required the same dexterity to get wholesome results from clothes and fur, which are as complex as hair.

Transformative Backdrops

With our green screen services, you’re not confined to the limitations of a studio or location. Dream of a background, and our team makes it real. From bustling urban scenes to serene landscapes, the world becomes your playground.

Deliveries as required

Whether you want us to deliver the alphas or you would like us to create backgrounds that needs to replaced, our team of vfx artists are up for all. You can share the clean plate and we can have that replaced, or we can share the alphas, and you can take care of the rest.

Flexibility in Post-Production

We work on all the industry standard softwares and plugins to get you the best and accurate results. We have a team of After Effects Artists, Nuke Artists, Blender Artsits and these resources work on various plugins that make work precise and time effective.


Our team of remote vfx artists work brings loads of experience at a very economical cost. Since the vfx team is working remotely we can bring the cost down that makes it super effective for directors and producers to hire us.

Why Choose Motion Effects?

Choosing a green screen service isn’t just about having a colored backdrop. It’s about the expertise behind it. Here’s why Motion Effects should be your first call:

Experience Matters

Our green screen artists have years of hands-on experience with chroma keying. They don’t just remove and replace backgrounds; they do it while ensuring every element looks authentic and feels right.

State-of-the-Art Tools

We are not in the business of cutting corners. At Motion Effects, we invest in the latest keying tools, guaranteeing precision and quality in every frame.

Collaborative Approach

Our team works closely with directors, VFX producers, and filmmakers. This collaborative spirit ensures your vision remains intact and the final output aligns perfectly with your storyline.


A scene might require multiple shots from different angles. Our expertise ensures the green screen effect remains consistent across shots, maintaining continuity and believability.

Dedicated Support

From the initial planning to the final cut, we’re with you at every step. Our team provides guidance, addresses queries, and ensures that the green screen magic is utilized to its fullest potential.