Looking for specialists who can provide precise and meticulous rotoscoping services? 

Rotoscoping is the key to any vfx shot. Whether you need to add stunning visual effects, replace backgrounds, remove unwanted objects, subjects going out of green screen – there would be hardly any vfx shot that can do without an roto.

At Motion Effects, our skilled team of roto artistsis dedicated to helping you bring your creative vision to life on the screen. We understand the value of artistic skill and technical expertise. We pride ourselves on delivering stunning results, ensuring that your project achieves the level of realism and visual impact you desire.


Importance of Rotoscoping

Roto plays a vital role in various post-production tasks – whether it’s a simple post production project or a more elaborate and complex one, roto is an important and unavoidable aspect. Even when a project might not be exclusively labeled as a “roto project,” the chances are high it will involve some amount of roto work. In other words, roto is often an essential part of other VFX service.

Rotoscoping Expertise

Rotoscoping demands time, patience, and unwavering attention-to-detail. It involves an intricate process where our roto artists trace over a subject in live-action footage frame by frame to get the subject “masked out”. In fact, our roto artists are so detail-oriented they won’t miss a hair when they are rotoscoping. That’s why for a complex shot, just five seconds of roto work could take up to ten days. 

Rotoscoping Tools and Techniques

Using tools tailored for this purpose, including the popular After Effects, Nuke, Fusion etc., our artists meticulously create a mask, defining the boundaries of the subject in every single frame. This mask is pivotal as the endeavor is to isolate the subject with surgical precision. Depending on the director’s vision, this can pave the way for enhanced backgrounds, immersive environments, or even the addition of other VFX elements.

Skilled Roto Artists

Our team doesn’t just consist of artists; they’re specialists. With countless projects under their belts, our roto and rotoscope artists navigate the complexities of “roto VFX” with unparalleled skill.

Cutting-Edge Tools

We provide rotoscope solutions in After Effects and Nuke, and use other industry-leading tools like Silhouette FX. It represents our commitment to using the best-in-class tools to deliver impeccable results.

Attention to Detail

In the world of VFX, details can make or break a scene. Our artists ensure that every mask, every frame, aligns perfectly with your vision and no amount of detail, irrespective of how small it is, is missed.

Synergy with Other VFX Techniques

Our rotoscoping services are often used in tandem with keying, and green screen and other various methods. This hybrid approach guarantees a level of realism and immersion that’s unparalleled.

Dedicated Support and Collaboration

 From the inception of an idea to its realization on screen, our team collaborates closely with directors and producers. We’re here not just to offer a service but to become a part of your creative journey.