At Motion Effects, our expertise in tracking ensures that every CGI addition, be it a monstrous creature or a subtle shadow, feels organically a part of the scene, casting a brilliant impact on viewers. 

The magic of tracking truly shines when integrating visual effects into live action. Think about scenes where dragons cast shadows on actors or where a character interacts with a holographic map. These interactions, where real and virtual coexist harmoniously, are orchestrated through precisely tracking the footage, followed by compositing.

Tracking is the art of precision. It enables complex compositing, seamlessly integrating CGI elements into a scene. Adding and removing objects, characters, or effects wouldn’t be possible without tracking’s the footage meticulously. In fact, precise tracking is the essential first step to creating those awe-inspiring, complex VFX shots that leave audiences spellbound.


Planer Tracking

Here, we don’t just track a point but a plane, focusing on an entire flat surface. Imagine a scene where a poster on a wall changes as the camera moves; that’s planer tracking in action.

Object Tracking

A more complex form, this involves tracking a three-dimensional object as it moves through space. We use this method to capture an object’s rotation, location, and scale relative to the camera, making it ideal for integrating CGI elements seamlessly into live-action footage.

Point Tracking or 3D Tracking

This involves tracking a set of points in the footage so we can create a virtual camera. These tracking points are then used to add 3d or CGI objects into the scene in order to create complex VFX shots. It’s ideal for shots where one specific detail, such as the tip of a wand or the end of an arrow, needs to be followed.

Why Choose Our Tracking Services?

Diverse Tracking Techniques

Whether you need point, planer, or object tracking, we’ve got you covered. Our expertise in various techniques such as 3D tracking, planer tracking, and animation tracking ensures every scene meets its visual potential.

Advanced Tools

Our team does 3D motion tracking in After Effects, Nike and uses DaVinci Resolve Fusion for tracking. We also use tools like Syntheyes, Mocha AE and PFTrack. Our advanced toolkit helps us deliver results that not only meet but often surpass expectations. 

Unique Features

Our 3D motion tracking service goes beyond mere tracking. We infuse life into scenes by adding animations, 3d objects or vectors depending on the scope of the project. Shots that were once deemed too intricate now become canvases for storytelling.

Custom Solutions

We are happy to deliver the shots tracked and camera solved to below 1. Or if required we are always available to get the entire shot VFX ready from tracking to compositing to special effects.

Audience Engagement

Our ultimate aim? To hook viewers and provide sequences that don’t just tell a story but become an immersive experience. With Motion Effects, every frame is an invitation to dive deeper into the narrative.