The Do’s & Don’ts of Editing Testimonial Videos with Green Screen

Testimonial videos have become a crucial component of marketing strategies, allowing businesses to showcase satisfied customers and build trust among their target audience. These videos serve as powerful social proof, influencing potential customers’ purchasing decisions. However, the true potential of testimonial videos can only be realized through skilful editing.

Editing plays a vital role in enhancing the overall quality and impact of testimonial videos. It allows for the seamless integration of various elements, such as visuals, audio, and graphics, to create a compelling narrative. One of the problems organizations face while recording a video testimonial is that the customers don’t have a studio set up with nice background, lighting and recording tech. So even if the testimonial is great, product is great, company is great – it may not cut ice with potential customers as the testimonial video may not be of top quality.

In this blog, our experts share how advising customers to record testimonials using make shift green screen, and how that can transform the “home-video” into a one that looks like is recorded in a studio with the help if editing and post-production.

How is a Green Screen Used in a Testimonial Video?

A green screen, also known as chroma keying, is widely used in testimonial videos to create a seamless and professional look. It involves shooting the subject against a green background, which is later replaced with a different and professional background during the editing process.

Using a green screen provides endless possibilities for creative visual storytelling. This technique allows businesses to place testimonials in any desired context, be it a sleek office setting or a scenic outdoor location, effectively amplifying the testimonial’s message.

The Do’s of Editing Testimonial Videos with Green Screen

1. Controlled lighting and body movements

It make sense to advise customers to use proper lighting set ups that ensures the subjects is lit sufficiently. Also, advisable is to ensure the clients do not wear any green hues on their clothing or any accessories that needs to be keyed out. Since these are short videos minimal body movements are recommended. These things together makes it easier for the vfx artist to key out subject and replace the greenscreen with a more professional background.

2. Pay attention to color grading

A testimonial video should look as original as possible. A seamless feel between the subject and the background gives a more credible look. Matching the lighting conditions between the subject and the background can eliminate any doubts that the subject and background were bought together in the editing process.

Proper color grading is also important to bring about a cohesive look. By applying color grading techniques to both the subject and the background, such as adjusting hues, saturation, and contrast, a balanced and harmonious visual style is achieved.

3. Focus on seamless integration

Adding a perfect green screen is fully dependent on seamless integration.  One key element is using precise keying techniques to remove the green screen. By employing advanced keying techniques and tools, editors can accurately extract the subject while minimizing unwanted artifacts or halo effects. An experienced vfx artist can seamlessly achieve a smooth key. Blending the subject with the background effectively is crucial. Special care should be given to the edges of the subject to ensure they seamlessly blend with the new background.

4. Maintain a consistent visual style

It is important to maintain a consistent visual style in testimonial videos. Using similar design elements, such as fonts, color schemes, and graphic styles, across multiple testimonials creates a cohesive visual language and professional brand identity. Customizing the videos to reflect the client’s branding guidelines, and incorporating their logo, brand colors, and relevant visual elements, establishes a strong connection between the testimonials and the client’s brand.

The Don’ts of Editing Testimonial Videos with Green Screen

1. Avoid green spills and artifacts

When editing testimonial videos with a green screen, the last thing you want is to see images spill into each other.

One technique to minimize the green spill on the subject is to light the green screen and subject properly. By using dedicated lighting for each, the green spill can be reduced. Also, during the keying process, it is important to remove any artifacts or imperfections that may have occurred. If this isint possible, the it depends on the skill of the editor how accurately and smoothly can key the green screen.

2. Don’t overdo special effects

When editing testimonial videos with a green screen, do not get carried away with the special effects. The primary focus should be on the testimonial itself without distracting the viewer. Using effects sparingly and purposefully is advisable to enhance the message or emphasize certain moments. Excessive or unnecessary effects can overshadow the testimonial and dilute its impact.

3. Avoid abrupt transitions

Smoothly transitioning between different segments of the testimonial ensures a cohesive and seamless viewing experience. By carefully considering the timing and pacing of the transitions, editors can maintain a natural flow throughout the video. Abrupt cuts or jarring transitions can disrupt the narrative and distract the viewer.

Final Thoughts

To create a great testimonial video, you can adhere to the dos and don’ts shared above. By following best practices such as using high-quality green screen footage, paying attention to lighting and color grading, focusing on seamless integration, and maintaining a consistent visual style, the overall quality and impact of the testimonial videos can be significantly enhanced.

As a professional post-production team, we are dedicated to delivering high-quality testimonial videos that leave a lasting impression on viewers and effectively convey the desired brand message.

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